Monday, February 14, 2011

Design Projects

How do you peel a boiled egg? An innovative solution would be to blow air inside the egg so that the shell gets loose from the egg which can then be removed easily without damaging the egg white. EggePry allows you to do this simply and efficiently. Its faster than picking at the eggshell with your fingernails. Thus preserving more time for filling one’s belly with tasty egg yummess. Bon appetite!

How it works?

We studied different mechanisms and developed Isotonic, where one just have to turn a crank to play music. It works on the simple principle of camshaft. When you rotate the crank, the cam lobes pull up the drum sticks, (supported by tension springs) and strike the instruments. Here we have used junk like tin cans, plastic cans and waste MDF board as instruments.
This is a very fun and interactive media of playing music!

Project Members: Ashish Sanklecha, Heena trivedi and Tapan Agarwal


It’s raining heavily in the dark. You step on a puddle of mud wearing your favourite shoes. Bad! Isn’t it? 
In India we don’t have streetlights on every street. Some parts of the country experience powercut regularly. Walking along a dark street is difficult when it is raining.
Illumebrella protects you from rain and also illuminates your path when it’s dark. Apart from this; vehicles will notice you easily, even if it’s foggy. Thus it will help prevent accidents. Illumebrella is a hand powered umbrella having LED’s on its alternate rib tips. It is powered by an electric dynamo which is inside its handle. You just have to push the trigger on its handle which would rotate the dynamo and produce electricity. One minute rotation of the dynamo, can give upto 30 minutes power, to light the LED bulbs, as the electricity produced is stored in four AG10 alkaline batteries. Basically it has a wind up battery inside it to power the LED bulbs.


  1. Love all your concepts.. but taps, i thought it wasn't safe to put up your concepts online. Intellectual property thefts?

  2. Thanks! Yea, that is der but i don't think any one is going 2 copy them. And if someone does, i will design 10 better concepts than that one.